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Inuit Whale Model - Joshua Watts


Your tribe was once protected by a great shaman but one day he disappeared. In order to protect the tribe many of your people attempted the trial of the shaman but none returned. You had always dreamed of becoming the next shaman and now it is your turn to face the trial. If you make it through, you will realize that being a shaman isn't at all what you had hoped for...

Voyager is a Gear VR title where you navigate a boat around obstacles while uncovering a story. You were able to turn your sail and physically lean to help your boat turn. One of Voyage's earlier demos won the Dean's award at Salt Lake Community College's 2016 Art Showcase.

Primary Roles

-Worked on Modular Weapons System
-Created Camera Controller
-Created base Game Logic Loop
3D Art & Animation
-Created some of the kit pieces for the floating forest level
-Collaborated on base game design
-Designed and Implemented Dope Ass Menu
-Managed in person and remote team throughout event and afterwards until game shipped
-Set up and hosted the Shovel Jam event
-Organized legal and marketing sections of event