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SparkXR NDA VR Project 1

Set in the sci-fi future of a major city this VR game has you racing on a hoverboard while entering shootouts with drones, getting tossed through windows, and dodging massive obstacles that give you a true sense of scale.

Almost everything in the game is intractable with the VR experience at the forefront of the design. This project was also built with replicability in mind, being both dense in content and featuring multiple alternate routes for players to try.

Info on this project will be added as it is made public.
In the meantime, check out SparkXR's website at:
Spark XR

Primary Roles

-Created Designer friendly Event scripts
-Created Sensory effect system for wind vents and generic rumbles
-Coded many of the in game Events (Explosions/giant laser ending, window shatter, opening in office building, etc.)
-Worked on the character controller, collectables, and touchscreen controls
-Helped with Enemy AI
-Worked on optimization
-Created and implemented VO system
-Worked on Audio system
Technical Art
-Created destructible system
-Created and implemented VFX for most destructibles in the game
-Created Shaders for in game events (window shatter shader, hologram button, etc.)
-Helped to design intro to office sequence
-Helped to design ending sequence
3D Modeling/Animation
-Designed and Created the Hoverboard launch button
-Did much of the art optimization