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Alula Adventures

Alula Adventures is a VR Experience featuring a vast real world environment along with several historic monuments, near photo realistic visuals, intense weather effects, cutting edge VR, and replayability at the core.

This game not only stands as an amazing experience, it also encourages tourism towards its featured destination and provides insight into the region's rich cultural history.

Alula Adventures launched in 2021 as the first game to make use of SparkXR's sensory VR pod. The game was built alongside the hardware and is a great testament to what is achievable in the pods. Click the links below to check out the project and the companies behind it.
Spark XRAlula Adventures SparkXR MangaManga Productions

Primary Roles

-Touched every script in the game at least once
-Created Designer friendly Event scripts
-Debugged like crazy
-Created loading sequences
-Created language variations for VO, imported and upgraded VO system from LA2084
-Worked on Audio systems
-Worked on vehicle controller, path selection UI, etc
-Helped with card/scanner system
-Handled much of the event coding(opening, teleports, tutorials, VO and weather triggers, etc)
-Handled most optimization
Technical Art
-Created initial environment volume setup
-Created and implemented terrain generation/texturing/scattering system using Houdini
-Worked on Lighting
-Created and implemented Speed Tunnel VFX
-Worked on Teleport sequence, implemented code for it
-Created multiple shaders, helped fix lighting errors, moved around lots of plants and pebbles, etc
-Handled most optimization
-Worked on weather effects(storms, sandstorms, etc)
-Represented project at launch event