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Alberto The Space Whale - John Castillo

Alberto The Space Whale

Released for the third Shovel Jam, Alberto the Space Whale is a new take on endless runners, an endless swimmer! Alberto has you dodging asteroids, playing with gravity, and escaping space pirates.
The game features complete changing environments, from the backdrops to the obstacles you are dodging. We separated the game into "areas" that feature different spawners and difficulty curves based on how far you have traveled.

Primary Roles

-Coded Areas with unique object spawns, backgrounds, music, etc.
-Created AI for the pirates and coded camera changes during combat
-Coded most logic for the UI and menus
-Worked on the character controller, collectables, and touchscreen controls
-Created initial design, collaberated to make it way better through discussion and rapid prototypes
-Set up and managed Shovel Jam event including getting the Planetarium to host us, marketeing the event, creating flyers, etc
-Managed both in person and remote team members while working around their schedules
Technical Art
-Handled much of the art import/animation hookups and vfx in the game
-Created Skybox transition shader for the different areas
-Created unique interactive credits display for home screen(aka, you can smudge your fingers on some glass to leave grease stains)