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Joshua Watts
+1 209-747-8023
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"Josh proved himself to be a highly valuable member of our team of contractors, always willing to take on new challenges and prolific at learning new skills as our projects demanded. He undertook programming tasks using the Unity engine, including VR gameplay features, audio, bug fixing and frame rate optimizations, as well as additional technical art tasks to ensure that our environments not only looked state-of-the-art but were performance friendly too.

Easy to work with and flexible, Josh worked well with our other team members and contributed valuable ideas to our projects. He is a hard worker, making sure that every detail was just right on the tasks that he worked on. Indeed, Josh continued to support our projects after formal production ended, sharing as much pride in the end result as we have. We will be working with Josh again in future."

Jon Dean
CEO, Spark XR Inc.
"Joshua has been a very valuable partner for us over the last few years. He is professional and easy to work with, and was always able to adapt to the changing needs of our projects. We look forward to working with him again in the future." 

Brian Regan
Outsourcing Producer, Game Circus

Game Dev - World Traveler

I’ve made it past the bump! I’ve been in this industry for a few years and haven’t run away screaming yet :) It’s the sign of a true survivor!

I got into games because I have a passion for storytelling and I believe games have the potential to tell the best stories. At great cost to my sanity, I’ve also developed an interest in technology. Creating impactful experiences while keeping up with technology is hard as hell but it's that never-ending challenge that keeps game dev exciting!

My favorite thing about game dev is definitely how almost anything can count as ‘research’. I love traveling and throwing some of what I experienced into my games, such as pulling an art style from a region’s culture or creating games about a region’s fauna. In the precious few hours when I’m not working, I love traveling, hiking, and digging up rocks. It’s a nice break from the constant sitting that game dev asks of us.

I’m currently working remote and always looking for a chance to try somewhere new. I’ve had experience both leading and working under people on a multitude of game projects over the years. Through my studio, Cocky Rooster Games, my work has spanned from cutting edge VR to low end mobile games, keeping me constantly learning new tech and design practices.

I look forward to using everything I’ve got to make your project a success!